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MSA is an architecture, urban planning and research firm founded by Matthew Soules that specializes in creating inventive spaces for the 21st century.



Pop Rocks

  • Project: Pop Rocks
  • Type: Commission
  • Client: City of Vancouver (Viva Vancouver Program)
  • Size: 550 m2 (6000 ft2)
  • Status: Summer 2012

Pop Rocks, designed by Matthew Soules Architecture in collaboration with AFJD Studio, will transform the 800-block of Robson Street in downtown Vancouver into a playful pedestrian-oriented social space during the summer of 2012.

The temporary installation is composed of a range of pillow-like forms that vary in size and shape. The forms are arrayed across an entire city block to create a soft landscape that offers comfortable seating while establishing a monumental presence at the centre of the city.

Pop Rocks is radically sustainable, embodying the City of Vancouver’s ambition to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. The installation is constructed entirely from re-used materials that will be recycled at the end of the project. Each of the twelve soft forms consists of fabric recently removed from the Canada Place ‘Sails’ as a part of the scheduled replacement of its tensile fabric roof. Pieces of the roof were sewn by a local sailmaker into shapes that were then filled with recycled polystyrene beads from a Metro Vancouver recycler. Pop Rocks repurposes these waste materials in a provocative manner that demonstrates the potential of inventive design to enliven the urban experience while reducing our collective ecological footprint.


  • Project: Crystals Racquets and Sports Academy
  • Type: Commission
  • Client: Blackburn Development Inc
  • Size: 2,000,000 ft2
  • Status: 2011 Completion

The Crystals Racquets and Sports Academy is located at the Falls Resort on the lower slopes of the Cascade mountains roughly one hour east of Vancouver. With a program that includes 22 indoor tennis courts, 32 badminton courts, 21 squash and racquets courts and 16 table tennis courts, it is the largest facility of its kind in the world.

To meet international federation standards the indoor courts must essentially function as black boxes. In an effort to reconcile the incredible scale of this many courts and their muteness with the natural beauty of the site we have submerged them into the hillside and allowed the lush vegetation to run over the roof of the building.

In order to bring light down into the subterranean spaces between the courts we have punctured the green roof with glass crystals that become tower leisure and social zones unique shaped to capitalize on light, views and ventilation.

Eclipse Awards

  • Project: Eclipse Awards Office Expansion
  • Type: Commission
  • Client: Eclipse Awards International Ltd.
  • Size: 5,000 ft2
  • Status: 2008 Completion

This project is an addition of a new second storey and green roof to an existing single storey warehouse building in the Strathcona Neighbourhood of Vancouver. The entire retrofitted building will act as office space for Eclipse Awards.

Almost all green roofs are invisible to building occupants and to people inhabiting the city because of the very nature of being confined to the roof. We have liberated the green roof from its hidden position by sloping a portion of the roof down into the work spaces below. The employees can therefore enjoy this green space as they work as well as anyone walking by the building.

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